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Roofing Products

Tamko roofing products have been produced for over 60 years... some longer. Tamko has a superior reputation with mastics and shingle manufacturing techniques. They offer unique colors with high durability. The oxidized asphalt in them is good quality and they come with 30, 40, and 50 year warrantees... and carry specialty shingles also.

GAF/Elk roofing products also offer the same warrantees in shingles. They have a patented granular design which gives their shingles a "high definition" look that appeals to many. Their sealant is produced with "virgin" tar, or in in other words, asphalt that has never been used for any other purpose before and not recycled. They also carry specialized lifetime shingles for discriminating tastes.

Malarkey roofing products are made eco-friendly with patented reflective granules which makes them reflect UV rays of the sun and boast polymerized asphalt that is patented also. They carry up to 130 mph wind warrantees and the SBS asphalt inhibits granular erosion and loss... very important. They are produced with an Owens Corning fiberglass mat made at their plant. The mat is impact resistant due to the rubber polymer mixed with the asphalt making them not the heaviest, but very rugged. They perform well in extreme conditions. The sealant’s cohesion matches its adhesion and flexes with the movement of the roof as the shingles expand and contract with heat and cold.

Carlisle Thermoplastics (TPO) have been being produced and very specialized... made different millimeters for greater protection and life. The seam welds are 1 1/2 inches and are very strong... 80-100 lbs/sq inch and are very reflective making the building they cover much cooler. They are made primarily for flat roof applications.